DMG Identity

The DMG – Duarte, Mármores & Granitos, exists over 70 years on the market and its mission is to become one of the leading companies in Europe in the transformation of ornamental stones. I was commissioned to design a new visual identity that express and strengthen their values in the international scene, spreading their area of influence to other countries in Eastern Europe and USA.

Role: Designer
Services: strategy, identity design, collateral
Year: 2015
The visual perception and the interpretation of a brand by the audience, it’s a fundamental element in a identity. The conscious use of typography, the concepts between the idea and the history behind the brand and the impact on the market where he acts, are the fundamental lines to rebuild the brand DMG. Robustness, rigorous and honest are the concepts exploited and that give life to this project.The robustness is the energy, strength and credibility that the company intend to reflect through their results. Rigorous because the secret is its structure and it is on the small details where we find great solutions. Honest because what makes this identity authentic is their simplicity. A simple identity is easily recognizable and straightforward with is audience.

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