Common Projects E-Commerce — CONCEPT

Common Projects seems to have a great long-term vision, creating simple and timeless products. Their current website doesn’t represent well their truly brand values. This concept E-Commerce pretend to represent my vision and the way I think the brand should look and feel.

Role: Designer
Services: user interface design
Year: 2017

In this concept project I started to think first in the goals. The main goals are to create an E-Commerce that represents the quality of their physical products, represent their brand values and create a more meaningful digital presence of the brand. Then I start to think in copy, microcopy, art directing some images around their current website and around the web. With the previous step I start to have more ideas and start to drawing some wireframes on paper before I begin the user interface on sketch app. This project was really great for training my skills and to learn more about this truly unique brand.

Product page


Product detail


The images used in this project are from Common Projects current website and Tumblr.

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