Bandit Garage Identity

Bandit Garage was created by Nuno Oliveira who dedicates himself to the cult of the cafe racer and custom. After buying is Honda CB750 Four, Nuno became an enthusiast of cafe racers and become an expert in finding the best models and transforming motorcycles in his studio. Shortly after, he decides to build his own platform to share his acquisitions, creations and other novelties about the world of custom.

Role: Designer
Services: strategy, identity design, collateral
Year: 2017
He asked me to create a new visual identity that tells a more compelling story about his brand, reflecting the heritage and passion for this cult.
The visual perception and the interpretation of a brand by the audience, it’s a fundamental element in a identity. A good identity comprises around a great story – his concept. With this in mind I created an identity that seeks influences from the name “Bandit” and from decades of 1950 to 1970. In this individualistic universe exist a certain revolutionary spirit with different external influences like punk, skate, surf, in other words, a relentless quest of thrill. The ideas related to this identity are boldness, rudeness and spontaneity. Through this narrative is was intended to raise awareness from the audience to this world of cafe racers.In terms of typography and lettering I seek to represent the decades and the lifestyle associated to this style. The badge was inspired in punk scene expressing the ethos of the brand.

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